Learn  WordPress training in Hyderabad, Dilsukhnagar with a real-time industry expert who has 4+ years of hands-on experience in building websites by using CMS [Content Mangement System] called WordPress.

We teach complete step by step WordPress for beginners. We are the best WordPress training providers in India.

Who needs WordPress Training in Hyderabad

This WordPress training is for people who want to build their own websites or want to start a career in WordPress designer. and also people who want to do blogging and can earn money online through blog monetization programs like Adsense, Chitika, bing ads etc.,

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an Online CMS(Content Management System), open source website creation tool written and developed in PHP, which is used to build websites with no coding knowledge required. It is the easiest and most powerful way to build websites and blogs.

What to Expect from Our WordPress Course?

  • -You can build a website/blog after completion of course
  • -Start working as a Freelancer
  • -Call yourself as a Professional WordPress Designer or UI Designer
  • -Get a job as a UI Designer

Why learn WordPress from us?

There are many people who teach WordPress then why you should learn WordPress us?


  • -We teach you to step by step
  • -We will make you build a website as a live project


We teach you HTML and CSS basics to understand what

Every day there will be an hour of class and assignment will be given to you based on the class taught.

WordPress Course Syllabus

Basics of HTML

  • -What is HTML
  • -Structure of HTML page
  • -Tags in HTML
  • -Images
  • -Hyperlinks
  • -Lists
  • -Audio, Video and Other Objects
  • -Tables
  • -Forms
  • -Conclusion


  • -What is CSS?
  • -CSS Syntax
  • -Selectors


  • -What is WordPress?
  • -Importance of WordPress over other cms
  • -What is a Domain name?
  • -How to select a domain name according to SEO?
  • -Mistakes while selecting a domain name?
  • -What is Web Hosting?
  • -How to choose best web hosting provider?
  • -Adding a domain and Installing WordPress in server
  • -Selecting a WordPress theme
  • -Theme customization
  • -Understanding and using WordPress dashboard
  • -Posts vs Pages
  • -Creating Pages
  • -Creating posts
  • -Inserting links and images
  • -Creating gallery and setting featured images
  • -Creating Menu and Customizing the theme
  • -Essential plugins
  • -Maintenance and Security

Advanced WordPress Course Topics

  • -Making your site SEO friendly
  • -Making your site load faster
  • -Migrating domain names
  • -Migrating website from one web server to another
  • -Blogging
1.Why should you learn WordPress?

a)Compared to other CMS in the market, WordPress is Search Engine Friendly and Easy and most powerful way to build websites/blogs.

2.What is the best way to learn WordPress?

a)The best way to learn WordPress is to taking a dummy site and do practice daily what has been taught in class and if you get any doubts you can get clarified.

3)Prerequisites of learning WordPress?

a)Basic knowledge of Internet, Html, and CSS.

4)What is the Course Duration?

a)Course Duration

  • regular batch – 30 days (Monday ) 1 Hour
  • Weekend batch – 6 Weekends (Saturday Sunday) 2 hours
  • Fast track batch – 15 days (Monday to Friday) 2 Hours
5)Will training be live or video course?

a) Training will be live one to one session, We don’t provide any outdated course video tutorials.

We hope that our  WordPress Course Training in Hyderabad will help you to build a better and bright career.